Juergen Puetter

Chair and CEO, Blue Fuel Energy

Long a pioneer in renewable energy, he developed the first large scale wind project in BC, the 102 MW Bear Mountain Wind Farm in 2009.  But Juergen’s greatest achievement lies in connecting the dots between the extraordinary but stranded wind resource in BC's northeast, the bounty of natural gas and hydro in the region — and the extraordinary but currently unmet demand for low-carbon liquid fuels in jurisdictions with a low-carbon fuel standard (BC, California, and others to follow). In short, realizing the renewables-and natural gas-to-liquid fuels opportunity to make zero-sulphur, low-carbon- gasoline and methanol. Furthermore, there are additional benefits by using "waste heat" from the process to enable First Nations to grow organic produce in very large greenhouses. All this through the creative integration of mature technology, real and ready to roll today.

Annette Verschuren

Chair & CEO, NRStor Inc.

Effective, efficient and highly responsive energy storage is the Holy Grail we must find before we can securely power our grid or our home using only renewable sources.  No one in Canada has explored as many solutions as Annette Verschuren, O.C. and the NRStor team. As Chair & CEO of NRStor, Annette is working to commercialize a number of exciting technologies including batteries, flywheels and compressed air energy storage (CAES). Annette has held a number of executive positions in both the public and private sector having most recently been the President of The Home Depot Canada & Asia. Annette is also Co-Chair of the Smart Prosperity Initiative

Christian Wentzel

President and Co-Founder , Solar Provider Group

A pioneer in working with a wide range of organizations to develop solar projects, Christian partnered with First Nations and community energy co-operative groups long before the Ontario Power Authority decided to give priority to such projects, as he built SPG into a vertically integrated company that has developed over 50 MW of roof top solar in the last 2 years under a variety of different ownership schemes. Additionally, the company has championed a local solar racking provider and their proprietary flat roof system, as both have expanded into the USA, another positive outcome of Ontario’s leadership in promoting the sector.