Stuart Lombard

Founder and CEO, ecobee Inc.

A major source of Canada’s GhG emissions, heating and cooling Canadian homes also represents 63% of our home energy use.  A lot of that energy is wasted, heating empty rooms or homes, controlled by a thermostat often beside the front door!  So Stuart invented “ecobee” – a thermostat that could wirelessly connect to remote sensors around a home, and, when registering that the temperature where the people were actually present was just fine – would prevent the furnace or the ac from kicking on. Since then, it’s estimated that ecobee users have saved 23% of their energy bills – and collectively over 1 TW of power.

Jenise Lee

Founder & CEO, CertClean Inc.

In Canada, a skincare product with a single natural ingredient can be advertised and labelled as natural.  What about the other ingredients? As North America’s largest certification program to assess ALL the ingredients in beauty and personal care products, CertClean is helping consumers avoid questionable claims and formulations. Having certified over 1000 products, CertClean is getting these products into stores – soon to be in PharmaSave. As Jenise says “There are many reasons we may be diagnosed with cancer. Chemicals in our skincare ritual should not be one of them.”  The homework has been done so Canadians can make healthier purchasing decisions.

Cedric Tetzel

Merchandise Manager - Computers, London Drugs Limited

Cedric has helped London Drugs to offer numerous take back programs covering computers and electronics to smoke detectors, divert 93% of its waste from landfill, persuade its suppliers to eliminate or replace most styrofoam and plastic packaging with cardboard from recycled sources, and using carefully vetted processors, recycle over 5 tonnes of material annually. Following his lead, the company now views suppliers’ environmental responsibility and product safety under the same lens used to evaluate their products’ functions and designs and insists on meeting higher European standards. Cedric has also served as a Director of the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) for 8 years.