Aaron Freeman

Founder & President, GreenPAC

Turning environmental concern into political action: GreenPAC is the only non-partisan organization focused on building and supporting environmental champions in Canadian politics, translating our broad support for environmental issues into a politically powerful force for change. They played a pivotal role in the last federal election, encouraging financial and volunteer support to 18 endorsed candidates, helping elect 14 of them, with representation from all major parties. GreenPAC subsequently helped elect candidates in the Manitoba and BC elections. By 2023, their goal is that a critical mass of 10% of MPs will be GreenPAC champions.

Elisa Obermann

Executive Director, Marine Renewables Canada

Big tides = Big opportunities – but realizing the opportunity hasn’t been so easy! It’s been an upstream paddle for the nascent marine renewables industry in Canada, marked by skepticism, financing challenges, and policy hurdles. But in the face of such unbridled economic opportunity, and the Bay of Fundy’s massive tidal range, Elisa is connecting an equally broad range of manufacturers, energy producers and investors to build Canada’s marine renewable energy supply chain and carve out a leading position for Canada in the global market, capitalizing on the significant business, job, and economic opportunities offered by the emerging marine renewables sector.

Josipa Petrunic

Executive Director & C.E.O., Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC)

In 1968, an electric bus would have been the “Magic Bus” the Who were singing about. If Josipa succeeds, we’ll all be riding one! In a world’s first, CUTRIC created the Pan-Canadian Electric Bus Demonstration & Integration Trial -- a $40 million effort designed to bring a wide variety of manufacturers, municipalities and transit agencies together to standardize systems and infrastructure across the industry and the country. Connecting such a wide swath of national and international players should make Canada a global Mecca within the electric transit industry by contributing to the standardization of electric bus technologies for zero-emissions electric transit mobility: a Canadian-made solution for low-carbon mobility.

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