Craig Ryan

Director, Social Entrepreneurship, Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

A Crown Corp is also a B Corp?!? Craig spearheaded the drive to make BDC the first B Corp-certified national bank in Canada. BDC now backs hundreds of social purpose entrepreneurs and is catalyzing a new, powerfully transformative cohort of societally-minded entrepreneurs that spans every province. This has a potentially massive impact on Canadian sustainability. Last year, Craig and BDC attracted an astounding 5,500+ entrepreneurs, employees and peers to 100+ events to introduce them to the B Corp movement and certification, a success which helped convince the global movement to hold its annual retreat in Toronto this year.

Eric Beynon

President, Sustainable Growth Co.

Twenty Million Bucks for an XPRIZE! It sounds like a lottery win…! Eric’s leadership in connecting industry players to fund a lottery size prize for companies that create viable technologies to absorb massive amounts of CO2 has, in turn, prompted dozens of companies to mobilize. In the process competitors have identified new solutions for transforming carbon into a variety of valuable and useful commodities, and 27 are now the beneficiaries of increased investment, and soon, the opportunity and funding to demonstrate their technology at scale. And that's not all: Overall over $100 million is being deployed to accelerate this new CO2 industry! Finalists include 8 Canadian companies and 4 Clean50 winners! And that 's a lottery sized win for Canada!

Neil Huff

Managing Director, Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre

Canada has the highly skilled, educated innovators to make it a great place to start cleantech companies, but not always to grow them. Challenges associated with securing the investments and markets needed to scale their technologies, have hindered Canadian cleantech innovators’ success. Since Neil founded Foresight in 2013, the accelerator has gone on to fill a critical gap in the cleantech ecosystem by providing mentoring, training and resources to 55 startups that have gone on to create 150 jobs and raise $42mm in financing. He also introduced the ARCTIC Challenge Program, providing a built-in market that enables Canadian innovators to demonstrate and commercialize their technologies.