Rodney Wilts

Partner, Windmill Developments

Can Windmill’s developments tilt the energy equation back in our favour? For over fifteen years Rodney has been deeply involved in moving sustainability forward in the built environment. He started Canada’s first green building supply company, and played a leading role in many of Canada’s first LEED projects. Most recently, he led the master planning of Canada’s first endorsed One Planet Community, a zero-carbon mixed-use community currently under construction. This pioneering development, awarded the best master plan in the globe by ISOCARP, is powered by a renewables-based district energy plant. That’s a pretty big tilt!

Brian Astl

President, Lind Equipment Ltd.

The bright shiny (LED) light of the construction industry: In the face of an industry historically resistant to the adoption of new technology, Brian has been changing the paradigm of construction site lighting by demonstrating the tangible cost and environmental benefits of a jobsite lit by LEDs. By using Lind’s proprietary technology and his own evangelizing, Brian has persuaded contractors to save over 58M kWh of electricity, 32,000 kg of waste, and 41,000 metric tons of CO2E. Brian’s LED Jobsite system is a rare product that pays back for the developer, the general contractor and the electrician on the first project, and for every subsequent project.

Lisa King

Senior Policy Planner, City of Toronto, City Planning Division

It takes less time – and probably fewer people - to build a condo in downtown Toronto than it does to get everyone on board for a greener building standard in the largest city in Canada, but that’s a task Lisa has taken on twice – first as part of the team that crafted the Toronto Green Standard and most recently as the lead in the creation of the new Zero Emissions Buildings Framework for the City of Toronto. Once implemented, the framework will set Toronto specific energy requirements, laying the foundation for achieving zero emissions new buildings by 2030 and sets Toronto on pace to reduce city-wide GHG emissions by over 30.6 Megatonnes of carbon by 2050.

Dan Rames

Director, Energy Management, CAPREIT

Apartment buildings have huge potential when it comes to reducing an area's carbon footprint. Through retrofits, individual unit metering, and tenant engagement, Dan has helped CAPREIT lead the way in sustainable living. Energy investments in one building alone delivered savings of more than 42,000 m3 per year in gas consumption and facilitated winning a first-place sustainability ranking (among 200+ buildings) on the Tower Renewal Benchmark. Water and recycling are priorities as well, with smart data technology earning the company a win in Toronto Mayor John Tory's Towering Challenge. Dan's work not only improves the tenant experience, but also builds on the company’s internal culture of conservation and is clear proof that sustainability makes a lot of "cents".