Kurt Sorschak

President and CEO, Xebec Adsorption

Driving a kilometer using fossil fuels emits between 100 and 164 grams of CO2E. But using renewable natural gas (RNG) captured from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste materials in municipal landfills, agricultural and industrial processes or waste water treatment plants produces just 5 grams! With that in mind, Kurt led Xebec’s team to develop a state-of-the-art low cost solution that captures 99% of digester and landfill gas to produce RNG as a carbon neutral, cellulosic bio-fuel in both Europe and North America, as well as Renewable Hydrogen Gas for fuel cell applications in transport and power generation. Sales for 2017 are estimated to almost double to $17 million.

Colin Ryan

CEO, Effenco

Work trucks consume almost as much fuel going nowhere as they do going somewhere slowly. And when a truck spends half of its entire time going nowhere… now there’s an opportunity! Enter Effenco’s smart engine management retrofit that helps vehicles that start and stop a lot become vastly more efficient. When tested in NYC garbage trucks, the Montreal based company’s technology demonstrated 30% or more reductions in fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx, with a 48% reduction in engine run time. No wonder sales are up 500% per year over 2 years and the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe is now a customer!

Els Vanbeckevoort

CEO & Co-founder, SanEcoTec Ltd.

The AVIVE™ Water Program technologies pioneered by Els and her team not only replace halogenic chemicals with environmentally-friendly hydrogen peroxide at a great benefit to the environment, tax payers love it too! Recently commissioned in Sunnyside, Newfoundland, at a cost 20% of the alternative, conventional proposals – AVIVE™ ended the boil water advisory; reduced undesirable chlorine disinfection by-products by 80%; reduced the flow rate and water wasted by 50%; and reduced auxiliary chemicals and energy required to treat the water. Result: water is now better-than-compliant with Health Canada Guidelines and a proven solution for municipalities historically unable to meet Canadian standards due to lack of resources.