Bruce Taylor

President, Enviro-Stewards

1000 tonnes of food is a lot of food! Bruce and his team Identified practical opportunities for clients to save $17 million per year, all fully recovering their entire investments in less than 12 months, while also saving 15 million m3 of gas, 23 million kwh of electricity, 3 million m3 of water and avoiding 38,000 tonnes/yr of GHG emissions. Enviro-Stewards helped Campbell’s Soup reduce energy and water consumption by more than a million dollars and avoid the loss of 1,000 tonnes of food per annum, saving a further $706,000/ year. Other projects reduced energy consumption by Southbrook’s LEED gold winery by a further 40 percent, and substantially contributed to Maple Leaf Food's progress towards meeting their corporate commitments to reduce energy, water and waste by 50% by 2025.

Ted Ferguson

President, The Delphi Group

Stepping into big shoes, Ted has blazed new trails since succeeding previous Clean16 winner Mike Gerbis as head of The Delphi Group. Ted developed the Energy Sector Sustainability Benchmarking Study (ES3), creating the only sustainability performance benchmark across the energy sector in North America. Over 80 clients now use the benchmark to prioritize their sustainability focused initiatives. He also played a critical role in steering one of Canada's largest energy companies to make a transformative shift: adopting an energy diversification business strategy that de-emphasized GHG-intensive fossil fuel investments and prioritized low-carbon and renewable-energy investments of up to $40B over 10 years.

Don Huff

President, ECO Strategy

Long a champion of helping organizations embed clean and green into their corporate strategy, and finding inspiring ways to tell those stories, Don is the person entrusted with mandates ranging from helping Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner focus and amplify her message, to providing strategic advice to Friends of the Earth’s campaign to persuade pension funds to incorporate climate risk in their investment policy. Perhaps, most importantly, he is active in helping indigenous communities effectively engage in environment and energy matters, while communicating environmental values and climate change risks internally to their own communities.

Tony Pringle, Co-founder and Partner, Quinn & Partners Inc.
Francisca Quinn, Founder & Managing Partner, Quinn & Partners Inc.

Quinn & Partners Team: Francisca Quinn & Tony Pringle

In 2016, Quinn & Partners, led by Francisca Quinn and Tony Pringle, helped organizations with a total of $155 billion in assets under management to integrate sustainability into their core business operations. The team worked with companies and investors to both improve and publicly disclose their performance and practices. This included supporting Canada’s largest real estate owners in reporting to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark initiative - constituting 10% of the North American survey participant pool - and helping clients such as Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), The Cadillac Fairview Corporation, and Global Container Terminals win prestigious industry awards for their sustainability achievements.