Ed Rubinstein

Director, Environmental Compliance, Energy & Sustainability, University Health Network

Ed has built a team at UHN unlike that at any other hospital - tackling not just energy management but also the GhG impacts from anesthetic gasses and more. Over 140 projects implemented since 2012 have resulted in combined savings each year to the 4 hospitals comprising UHN of $2.9 million and 49 million kWh – 21 million kWh and $1.4 million from projects completed in the last 2 years alone – and there’s another 100 projects underway. Ed also partnered with Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (CCGH) to develop a climate change resiliency assessment tool for hospitals – program now sees Ed mentoring hospitals across Canada.

Glen Garrick

Sustainability Manager, Fraser Health

Over the past 10 years Glen’s strategic focus for the 61 lower mainland core acute care hospitals, research, and residential facilities under his purview has shifted from a single individual “doing less harm” to running a team of 10 professionals tasked with “building a resilient and sustainable future”. First, and still very focused on reducing water and energy use, and GhG emissions, all with significant impact, but more recently, taking a longer term, more strategic view, encompassing things such as building the infrastructure that encourages staff to bike to work or acquire an electric vehicle, building a more sustainable supply chain, eliminating waste, increasing recycling and re-use, working with executive leadership, and changing employee mindsets.

Ken Shea

President & CEO, East Coast Credit Union

Credit unions are often credited with being more in touch with their communities, and certainly that is true of Ken and ECCU. All ATMs and branches are Bullfrogged, and they became a founding member of a community based solar energy cooperative which placed solar panels on a branch and assisted 18 other businesses to develop similar programs, purchasing 600 solar panels in all, with the capacity to produce 120 kW - this initiative generated $6,500 to help green power an affordable housing project. Other initiatives: lower interest loans on electric vehicles, and energy reducing home renovations, and a branch using geo-thermal for heating and cooling.