Mike Battistel

President, Cascadia Windows

Cascadia is a perfect example of strategic and principled innovation resulting in a market leading product that can make a difference. Mike leads the team that developed and is launching the revolutionary Universal Series window – the world’s first all-fiberglass framed window to hit Passive House thermal performance values of better than 0.8 W/m2, while simultaneously using only environmentally responsible materials that enable it to be Living Building Challenge – Red List Free. All this, with achieving simply unmatched performance: Tested to literally 0.00 air leakage, the maximum water penetration resistance of any product that is measured, and enough strength for an 60 square foot window to support the weight of 2 pickup trucks without failing. Ironically, Cascadia’s largest commercial product, while fully legal in the USA and Europe, is not able to be used on many high rise buildings in Canada, based on building codes that pre-date fire sprinklers. At end of life, the entire window can be ground up and safely reused as filler in road construction. Mike also played a significant role in developing the Cascadia Clip – a revolutionary product created specifically to address the concern of thermal bridging in exterior insulated wall assemblies – now being exported to Europe. If we are going to achieve our Paris climate commitments, a dramatic improvement in building envelope performance is absolutely critical, and the importance of innovators employing circular economy thinking cannot be over-estimated. For these reasons and more, we are pleased to team with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada to recognize Mike as the Clean50 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Kody Baker

Founder and CEO, VeloMetro Mobility Inc.

Increasing congestion, declining interest in vehicle ownership, a move towards a sharing economy, fewer licensed drivers per capita – and winters that can make cycling an uncomfortable exercise. VeloMetro’s solution is car-sharing without the car. Kody and his team are focused on deploying colourful swarms of internet-connected and sharable “Veemos” in major urban centers around the world – starting at UBC. Legally considered electric bikes (no licence required!), Veemos offer the stability of tricycles, surrounded by a strong, eco-friendly body that provides shelter and makes carrying personal cargo easy. Making them even cleaner to operate, solar panels on the roof extend range by up to 20 km per day.

Monique Parker

Founder & CEO, Wallis Evera

Not your mother’s little black dress – this one is made of hemp! The environmental impacts of low cost, irresponsibly made “fast fashion” are simply immense. In sharp contrast, focusing on a line of classic (and classy) business wear and iconic little black dresses, Monique is helping to move Canadian sustainable fashion from the fringe to the international mainstream. She manufactures locally, pays Canadian wages, and uses responsibly sourced fabrics made primarily of renewable hemp. Sold entirely online, Wallis Evera products reduce the environmental and economic impacts of transportation by allowing workers to work remotely at least 75% of their time, creating in small batches, and implementing unique programs that minimizes customer returns.