Steve Martin

CEO, Pond Technologies

Steve led Pond in the development of the world’s first algae bioreactor to successfully transform unprocessed industrial exhaust gas into valuable products. Built around the world's most powerful and energy efficient LED lights, the bioreactor maximizes carbon utilization, biologically 'fixing' carbon dioxide from the emissions of a St Marys cement plant. Pond is the only company in the world to have demonstrated such a system at scale, and their system has achieved unmatched algae growth and energy efficiency levels. Carbon abatement is no longer a cost, but a new source of income! The innovation needed to solve the numerous challenges and the revolutionary results achieved are remarkable. Delta Management Group is pleased to partner with the Ontario Centres of Excellence in recognizing Steve Martin and Pond Technologies as the winner of the 2018 Clean50 “Innovation in Ontario” award.

Beth Mason

CEO & Industrial Research Fellow, Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy & the Environment

“Natural” byproducts of some foods can make up as much as 90% of the original feed stock. Beth has built a team of bio-products researchers at the Centre, which has assisted over 20 Atlantic companies in recovering valuable co-products from previously un-used agri-food and marine by-products, reducing potential pollution in land fill and oceans, simultaneously improving profitability and sustainability. The core technology platform of this program uses a highly efficient "green" enzymatic fermentative extraction process that does not employ noxious chemicals or produce further waste. It has been proven at pilot scale, transforming by-products into high value feed, plant and food bioactive compounds for health applications.

Evan Price

President & Chief Executive Officer, CO2 Solutions Inc.

While some processes produce unwanted CO2, others depend upon it. Evan is connecting the two, as he leads a team that is proving Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is a viable climate change mitigation tool. Their environmentally friendly technology significantly lowers the carbon footprint of emitters by allowing them to capture and provide pure CO2 for reuse applications, at a cost 50% lower than conventional approaches. A 10-tonne/day pilot is completed and a commercial 30-tonne/day plant at a pulp and paper mill is in construction. CO2 Solutions also leads an ambitious CO2 capture and utilization demonstration project, named Valorisation Carbone Québec, with partners from government, university and industry.