Matt Jamieson

President & CEO, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation

Matt leads the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation’s (SNGRDC) economic development strategy, including its participation in 892 MW of renewable energy through seven wind, six solar and one hydroelectric utility scale energy projects. Over the past decade, Matt has brought First Nations participation in renewable energy to the forefront as he continues to seek innovative solutions to harness our “Creators Capital.” Surplus profits generated by SNGRDC are invested back into the Six Nations Community for the collective benefit of its members, through annual distributions to the Six Nations of the Grand River Economic Development Trust.

Fidel Reijerse

President, RESCo Energy Inc.

Over the long term, for solar power to transform our grid, it needs to compete without subsidies - and the most effective ways to do that are via a smart grid and net metering. No one has been a more effective voice for this transformation than Fidel: recognized by the industry as the 2016 Game Changer for his continued role in driving public policy to evolve with the transition of solar as a low-cost distributed energy source, his leadership provided an industry consensus for transitioning to a net-metering policy and framework in Ontario. RESCo itself has built over 35MW of solar and manages over 200 solar sites totaling 50MW.

Andrew Richardson

President, Targray

Biodiesel is a diesel engine fuel derived from renewable sources such as plants. Led by Andrew, Targray has become one of the largest suppliers of biofuels in North America, and the largest privately-owned biodiesel supplier in Canada at over 190M CAD in annual revenue. The company has introduced biodiesel blending to over 50 North American fuel retailers and truck fleets, helping to enhance their profitability and growth while reducing the size of their products’ carbon footprint by an amount equivalent in total to removing 93 000 gasoline-powered vehicles from the road annually. Targray also contributed over 100K CAD to sustainability focused non-profits in 2016.