Geoff Pegg

Director - Sustainability, TELUS

It’s well understood that you get the behavior you incent – and clearly that’s working at Telus, where one of the highlights of Geoff’s accomplishments has been the linking of team member pay, in part, to meeting sustainability objectives through embedding sustainability metrics into corporate scorecards. Telus, who every year issues a GRI report, has delivered an absolute reduction in GhG emissions of 17.5% since 2010, despite a significant growth in the size of their networks in the same time period. With their largest source of emissions coming from their building portfolio, the company invests in solar, captures waste heat from server rooms and has launched many other initiatives to reduce energy use.

Frances Edmonds

Head of Sustainability, HP Canada Co.

Frances has pioneered the role of embedding sustainability throughout her company and beyond. She is a strategic force that engages, educates and empowers employees, customers, reseller partners and the community at large, resulting in HP Canada being able to state they are Canada’s most environmentally responsible IT company and for 10 years have been listed as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. She invented the now globally adopted “HP Eco Advocate” program that educates HP employees about sustainability issues pertinent to HP’s business. Her role in the WWF Living Planet@Work and the new Living Planet@Campus programs are other examples of her long term vision for driving sustainability across many sectors and throughout Canada.