Katie Sullivan

Managing Director, IETA

Katie is THE subject matter expert on all things carbon pricing in the Americas and the Pacific Rim, leading the charge to let the market determine the best ways to innovate to eliminate carbon pollution. On behalf of IETA’s 150+ corporate members, Katie leads efforts to identify market solutions that address the climate challenge, building cross-border and cross-sector partnerships worldwide. Sharing expert testimony with state, provincial and national legislatures and senior government officials, she has helped shape effective job, investment and business-friendly climate plans, policies and financial structures, leading to billions of dollars in investment in the emerging low-carbon economy.

Helle Bank Jorgensen

President Emeritus and Senior Advisor, Global Compact Network Canada

Helle founded Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC) in 2013. Five years later, the Network is engaging over 400 companies about their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including many of the best known Canadian companies and the Federal Government, helping over 10,000 business leaders to accelerate action on Climate and SDGs within their own organizations. She has been particularly effective at encouraging organizations to look beyond their own practices and into their supply chains and procurement processes, and at sharing best practices from climate action leaders.

Arnold Bercov

President of PPWC, Public and Private Workers of Canada

Belying his “about-to-retire” status, Arnold is an energetic and long-time advocate within the Union for responsible forest management, who has then leveraged the Union’s voice to speak out against wasteful practices, to protect the caribou, and to collaborate with ENGOs Ancient Forest Alliance and Wilderness Committee to get provincial protection for some old-growth forests in BC. As an FSC board member, he increased awareness of the new FSC Canada Standard within both the Forest Industry and First Nations leadership in BC. He’s also actively promoted biomass opportunities for BC Pulp and Paper mill sites that would reduce their carbon footprint, and pushed the Province to start restocking beetle-ravaged forest in the interior of BC.

Dale Beugin

Executive Director, Canada's Ecofiscal Commission

Few organizations have been as effective as Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission in making a strong economics-based argument for Canada to become more prosperous by moving strategically towards a clean and low carbon future. Dale, first as Research Director and now as Executive Director has led efforts to expand the organization’s influence in communicating the unassailable economic case for smart environmental policy, and particularly for pricing carbon pollution. Ecofiscal has played a key role in bringing evidence and research into our national conversation as the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change comes into play and has become Canada's go-to source for economic analysis and policy advice on carbon pricing and other environmental policy issues.

Craig Scott

Executive Director, Ecology North

A whirling dervish of clean and green in Canada’s north, Craig has led Ecology North into becoming a busy social innovator, successfully tackling a range of eco focused campaigns: The #LoveNWTWater has made great progress discouraging use of bottled water in favour of pristine NWT tap water, engaging schools, businesses and 4 communities in the effort, including Yellowknife itself; The NWT food Network is kickstarting local agriculture to address food insecurity in the north; Successful pitches to the City of Yellowknife led to the city being a finalist in the Smart Cities Challenge, and creation of a new park on derelict lands. Craig also co-founded the newly established YK Car Share Cooperative.

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