Dan Zilnik

President, AFARA

Dan uses lots and lots of data to help his clients make better decisions and works with them to make long term meaningful change. One recent accomplishment is helping move the largest water bottling company in North America to a zero virgin plastic plan. This plan has resulted in real investments by the client and the client economically reducing virgin plastics by a substantial amount in year one. Others add up to removing over 1,000,000 tonnes of GHG emissions from the oil and gas sector in Canada and reducing 15 million gigajoules of energy usage from industrial facilities in Canada through energy efficiency projects and implementation, relative to “business as usual” (BAU).

Liz McHardy

CEO & Partner, Lura Consulting

Leading LURA’s growing team of 20 through hundreds of projects each year, Liz and Lura’s particular expertise is in helping communities varying in size from Peterborough to Toronto engage residents and develop a range of climate change action plans and sustainability plans, from “the whole thing” to subsections dealing with cycling and pedestrian access. Recent projects include the “whole thing” for Peterborough, engaging 54,000 residents in helping build the “Our Future Hamilton” plan, widespread consultation with the City of Vaughan in developing a cycling / pedestrian master plan, the Gardiner East environmental assessment, and the City of Mississauga’s Transportation Master Plan, “Mississauga Moves”.

Joseph Pallant

Manager, Brinkman Climate

A carbon market pioneer, Joseph develops emission reduction projects and helps smart climate policy succeed. In addition to over a million tonnes of carbon offsets he has helped mint to date, his verified Canadian projects have generated 25,000 tCO2e of offsets over the last two years. With forest carbon now on Canada’s national carbon account, Joseph is working to position First Nations land management as a major climate mitigation pathway. Seeing profound opportunities for international collaboration, his Blockchain for Climate Foundation is “putting the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain,” connecting carbon accounts of countries throughout the world.

David Van Seters

President, The Sustainability Ventures Group Inc.

David is the founder of SPUD.COM, which is now the largest local/organic food delivery service in Canada. At SPUD, David pioneered a range of measures to dramatically reduce food miles, waste, and energy use. David is now working to share his local food knowledge with others. In particular, he is helping develop food hubs, where three or more parts of the food system are co-located to greatly improve economic efficiencies and cut carbon emissions. Five of the 10 food hub plans David has worked on have already been implemented in some fashion. David also coaches a dozen local food entrepreneurs. His advisory work has helped expand local food production by over $15 million/year.