Ron Seftel

“Bullfrogging” their energy choices has allowed thousands of businesses and individuals across Canada to displace over 1,530,000 Tonnes of CO2e since 2005 with renewable electricity and natural gas. Recently, with Ron as CEO, the organization launched a green transportation fuel choice—a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels that is sourced from waste oil that has now displaced a million litres of gasoline. The company also expanded its Community Renewable Projects Program to partner with 140 communities across the country. With the support of customers, the program provides funding to Indigenous Peoples, schools and co-ops to develop community based clean energy projects. Ron is now focused on developing commercial onsite and behind-the-meter offerings in the areas of solar, energy storage and other energy efficiency technologies.

Miranda Fuller

Executive Director, Oxford Community Energy Cooperative

Miranda was part of the project management team who took Gunn’s Hill 18MW, 10 turbine Wind Farm over the finish line – demonstrating the effectiveness of community owned renewables generation and the cooperative model. Grid connected in November 2016, it was financed through the sale of shares and bonds to achieve 49% community ownership, with over 70% of those investors living in or just outside of our host County. The farm powers over 6,700 homes, avoids over 5,282 tonnes of CO2 and has, in it’s first year of operation, produced 60,300 MWh.  The community is committed to running entirely on renewable energy by 2050 – and Miranda continues to lead those consultations, while this year adding another 1.5 MW of solar to the local grid.