Barbara Ciesla

SVP, Occupier Strategies & Solutions, Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate Services, Inc

Barbara Ciesla is a green building champion and Senior VP, Occupier Strategies & Solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate Services, Inc.  She developed an award-winning program to turn a downtown Toronto office complex into a leader in environmental stewardship. Barbara created an engagement program and first deployed it at the TD Centre which saw 90 tenant organizations and more than 21,000 occupants work together to reduce energy and waste and boost recycling. Not only did she create one of the best tenant engagement strategies in the country, but also helped tenants integrate sustainability into their operations. Barbara’s work is progressively transforming the landlord/tenant relationship, demonstrating true environmental leadership.

Neil Pegram

Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Manager, Morguard

At real estate company Morguard, Neil Pegram led the development of the sustainability strategy including 6 long-term company-wide sustainability objectives, each tied to either a key stakeholder or a business area. There are only a handful of organizations globally who have set 25-plus year sustainability objectives, and even fewer who have tied them to a rigorous definition of a sustainable society, as Morguard has done. It was the third commercial real estate company in Canada to implement the Global Reporting Initiative for sustainability reporting and Neil also brought environmental, social and governance issues under the one sustainability program umbrella.

Jamie James, President and Founder, Tower Labs@ MaRS
Greg Nevison, Senior Vice President, Construction, Tridel Corp

Tower-Tridel Team

What do you get when you put together a green building entrepreneur/innovator and a construction VP in the same room to talk about sustainability? The answer is a lab to help innovative new companies develop and developers prove green building materials can work - and then, results. Tower Labs founder & President  Jamie James set up a lab at MaRS with funding & support from TAF, OPA, STDC, BOMA, and the City of Toronto. Then Tridel Senior VP, Construction Greg Nevison brought the buildings.  One result of this great collaboration has been a significant reduction in energy use and a whole new way of ventilating condominium towers with in-suite energy recovery systems. Together, the duo has helped to drive Tridel's evolution as a green building leader – with now 30 LEED buildings completed or under construction.