Amanda Pitre-Hayes

Director of Sustainability, City of Vancouver

Vancouver prides itself on its world-leading sustainability programs. To date, through more than 125 city projects, Vancouver has reduced total GHG emissions by 4%, waste by 11% and water consumption by 16%, while the city's population and economy continue to grow. The results are due in large part to the team work between Amanda Pitre-Hayes, the City of Vancouver’s Director of Sustainability, City Councillor Andrea Reimer and Deputy City Manager Sadhu Johnston. As a result of their work, and those around them, Vancouver was ranked 1st globally in the World Wildlife Fund's 2013 Earth Hour City Challenge and 2nd in North America in The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2011 Green City Index, proving that cities can grow and thrive in balance with nature.

Cheeying Ho

Executive Director, Whistler Centre for Sustainability

Big cities have lots of resources and can spend years studying programs before implementing them. Cheeying Ho, Founding Executive Director of the Whistler Centre for Sustainability, helped to develop a “quick start" methodology that began with basic assumptions about what was most important. The result was a cost-effective program to support small communities in BC and Alberta to engage their citizens in creating a community sustainability plan. So far, 14 communities have adopted the program. Cheeying also works with local governments and communities across Canada on sustainability planning and implementation and policy development.

Brian Montgomery

Air Quality and Climate Change Coordinator, City of Hamilton

Brian Montgomery is the City of Hamilton’s champion of climate change. As the Air Quality and Climate Change Coordinator, Brian has helped the City surpass its GHG emission reduction targets and was instrumental in implementing Hamilton’s Climate Change Action Charter, the first such Charter in Ontario to encourage the community to take action on reducing their carbon footprint. The Charter now has 47 organizations and 289 individuals signed on to take action, and growing. Brian’s work has earned Hamilton recognition as one of the top 10 cities in Canada actively working to address climate change.

Julia Langer, Toronto Atmospheric Fund, CEO, Toronto Atmospheric Fund
Tim Stoate, Toronto Atmospheric Fund, VP - Impact Investing, Toronto Atmospheric Fund

Toronto Atmospheric Fund Team

As CEO of Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF), Julia Langer has helped to bring impact investing to a whole new level. Julia and Tim Stoate, TAF’s VP, Impact Investing, identified and created unique investment opportunities for low-carbon solutions, while at the same time hitting financial targets. Toronto’s latest inventory reveals that 2011 greenhouse gas emissions are down 15% from 1990 levels, while the city has grown by about 11%. TAF’s past investments in deep-water cooling, energy efficiency, renewables and phasing out coal have contributed to Toronto’s success to date, and new investments aim to achieve the city’s aggressive 2020 targets and mobilize more capital for climate solutions.