Gord Hicks

President, Brookfield Johnson Controls

Gord oversees the management of  over 134 million square feet of Canadian real estate, and engages clients regularly on the issue of climate change. Walking the talk, he has reduced BJCC's own GHG building intensity by 16% in the past 2 years, and hosts an influential annual industry event that brings together over 400  real estate leaders to discuss sustainability and inspire change. Beyond that, as a member of the Council for Clean Capitalism, he has influenced energy efficiency policies in the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. Learn more about Gord... www.brookfieldjohnsoncontrols.com

Karen Jalon

National Director of Sustainability, Cadillac Fairview

Karen pioneered and continues to enhance CF’s national strategic sustainability framework, GREEN AT WORKTM, which focuses on green teams, third-party certification (LEED and BOMA BESt), and innovation in energy, water, waste, sustainable procurement practices and stakeholder collaboration.  Based on the first 5 years of the program, CF reduced its energy consumption by 16%, reduced its water consumption by 28% by 2013 over 2008 and achieved a waste diversion rate of 70%.

Thomas Mueller

President & CEO, Canada Green Building Council

Instrumental in introducing LEED to Canada, Thomas has led CaGBC as it has influenced the designs and reduced the environmental impacts of thousands of buildings, representing over 75 million square meters of built space. Working with real estate organizations, municipalities, and government, Thomas has helped shape policy, and adoption of higher standards on a voluntary basis,  by providing information, education and results.  Studies show LEED certified buildings to be signficantly more efficient, generating estimated annual savings of 2,630,652 eMWH of energy, 512,672 tonnes of CO2, and 5.6 billion liters of water. Since 2005,  2.7 million tonnes of construction / demolition waste has been recycled.

André Rochette

President and CEO, Ecosystem Energy Services

1993, age 24: André founds Ecosystem to develop innovative energy efficiency solutions. Flash forward 21 years: The company’s leading expertise translates into annual sales of over $60 million, successful implementation of a multitude of energy efficiency projects, which in turn produced $10 million in energy savings and 30,000 tonnes of reduced greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 alone. Recently, a deep energy retrofit at the Biodôme Zoo in Montreal generates savings of $1.1 million per year, reduces energy bills by 50%, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.