Jerry Bidgood

General Manager, Prince Edward Aqua Farms

Besides being tasty, mussels are an excellent option for seafood farming because they can filter up to 20 gallons of water a day, removing nitrogen from runoff and ensuring healthy marine life. Inspired by this benefit, Jerry used a series of screens, a settling pond and a solid waste recovery system to develop a waste water treatment plant for the processing of Aquaculture - rope grown blue mussels. This filtration system reduces the amount of suspended solid waste in the water by 90% before it is returned to the estuary, positively impacting water quality and allowing marine life around the plant to flourish. Jerry then recovered the waste and sold it as an organic fertilizer called “Aquagrow,” to local farmers. This process helped to control the spread of non native aquatic invasive species from entering their estuary and has allowed expansion into restricted areas.

Tim Bekhuys

Director, Blackwater Project, New Gold

New Gold's New Afton Mine in BC became one of the first mines in North America to certify under the new ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard. This led to 11% energy savings in 2014 and the integration of sustainability into full mine life cycle decision processes.  This includes developing social closure plans for end of life assets to promote SME development and having one of the highest percentages (23%) of Aboriginal persons employed in mining operations in Canada.  New Gold also became a signatory to the "Towards Sustainable Mining" initiative of the Mining Association of Canada and adopted aspects of the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard and last year cut water use by 6%

Minto Roy

Sr. Managing Partner, Social Print Paper

Believing there just isn’t enough wheat in our diet, Minto is using it to try and stem the annual destruction of half a million trees used in paper production. In 2013, a third party study revealed that Social Print Paper’s manufacturing of WheatSheet paper releases less GhG emissions, requires less water during paper production and minimizes deforestation as compared to traditional wood fibre papers. Customers also gain access to an Eco-Savings tool software that provides data which can be integrated into corporate sustainability and government reporting capturing savings to number of trees, CO2 emissions and water. But the true innovation of WheatSheet paper offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood fibre paper that is of equal quality and price – that’s also FSC certified!