John Le Boutillier

President & CEO, Unilever Canada

Unilever Canada has long since established itself as an environmental leader, displacing 30,000 tonnes of CO2 with Bullfrog Power since 2011, and eliminating waste to landfill in all its manufacturing facilities. However, Unilever’s largest environmental impact occurs in the consumer use phase of its products.  John has been at the forefront of this challenge and is driving innovation through employee and customer development programs. For example, the Ben & Jerry’s, “Save our Swirled” flavour campaign is designed to engage consumers to take action on climate change issues in the lead up to the Paris Climate talks later this year.  In another initiative, to address the fact that 34% of Canadians do not recycle bathroom products, Unilever promoted use of bathroom recycling bins. John also led an office redesign in 2013, effectively reducing energy consumption by 20% per employee and commuter emissions by 30% on average.

Arthur De Jong

Mountain Planning and Environmental Resource Manager, Whistler Blackcomb Holdings.

Whistler Blackcomb is in a business where climate change can look like a double black diamond cliff, so understandably, the mountain resort has long been a leader in baking sustainability into operations. Which makes some of their more recent accomplishments look pretty special. Waste, already down by 70% in the prior 10 years has declined a further 50% since 2013. New anti-idling policies and staff initiatives cut fossil fuel use by 6% in 2014. Hybrid snow cats are expected to save 20% of their fossil fuel use. Between conservation (a further million dollars in savings in 2014), efficiency retrofits and the creation of a micro-hydro generator on site, the mountain now produces as much electricity as it needs annually. Staff housing at the base of the mountain is the largest in the industry, virtually eliminating the need for cars. And the path to get to fully neutral is laid out in Arthur’s 125 page plan – looking distinctly like a green run!

Leigh Pearson

Director of Facilities, Environment and Procurement, Staples Canada

When it comes to helping customers minimize the after life impact of products they purchased, no retailer in Canada has identified as many ways to partner as Leigh has created for Staples. New, in-store and pick-up recycling programs include batteries (120,000 kg diverted last year alone), old binders, Keurig Brewers, writing instruments and shrink wrap. The largest retail partner of inventive recycler TerraCycle, Staples now offers a post-consumer solution for almost everything Staples sells on line!  On the energy front, Staples was the first to launch an exclusive green energy offering for small businesses, facilitating an easy sign up for 100% green electricity from Bullfrog Power. Walking the talk, they added another four of their own Copy & Print production centers to their Bullfrog Power partnership, reducing the environmental impact of their customers’ energy-intensive copy and print jobs.