Shirley Speakman

Senior Partner, Cycle Capital Management

As one of Canada’s most prolific early stage cleantech investors, Shirley has led investments in some of Canada’s most compelling clean technologies. Her leadership role in cleantech investing has attracted international capital to Canada and ensured that Canadian technologies that positively impact the environment reach their global potential. Her efforts have directly contributed to the creation and growth of some of Canada's most environmentally impactful companies reducing waste, chemicals, energy and water consumption. Most recently, Cycle at Shirley’s direction funded Minesense, a data analytics platform that helps mines significantly reduce and optimise their use of chemicals and water, greatly curtailing emissions.

Peter McArthur

Senior Account Manager, ICT and Cleantech, Royal Bank of Canada

As the clean tech expert at Canada’s largest bank, Peter manages the banking for 30 different clean tech companies across Canada, and has advocated tirelessly both within and outside the bank for the sector. He helped the bank extend new loans totaling $43 million to 11 clean tech companies over the past two years – often companies that would not usually qualify for funding. It’s no fluke that all 11 are exceeding their targets! Peter has also helped facilitate strategic mergers, and provided mentorship for numerous clean tech start-ups.