Karen Hamberg

Vice-President, Government Relations, Westport Fuel Systems

Realizing that one of the greatest enablers of low-carbon transportation is regulatory certainty, Karen has worked both nationally and internationally to forge that path. She is the first non-US resident, the first woman, and the youngest person to be named Chair of CALSTART, a non-profit representing more than 180 of the world’s largest transportation OEMs, fleets, fuel producers, utilities, and government agencies. This diverse coalition of industry competitors and partners has been able to secure increasingly stringent regulatory frameworks and critical investment further cementing California’s global clean transportation leadership. Policy and regulations enacted in the state are copied around the world and insights from California’s first mover experience have been reflected in Canada’s Clean Fuels Standard, British Columbia’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and Quebec’s Zero Emission Vehicle Standard

Patrick Kiely

CEO, Island Water Technologies Inc.

Over the past 5 years, Patrick has led IWT to design, create and deliver world-first decentralized wastewater treatment solutions that are self-powered, 75% more energy efficient than comparable systems, autonomous, and effective in remote and hostile regions. The plants can reclaim wastewater for reuse applications - for irrigation, without use of difficult to acquire chemicals. Their plants have been deployed by the Canadian military in Afghanistan and to support humanitarian aid across the Sahara Dessert. No wonder IWT is growing sales and partnerships in Europe, China, Kenya and Latin America – another example of clean tech innovation spurring exports and jobs in Canada.

Simon Pickup

CEO and Co-founder, Hydra Energy Corporation

The climate opportunity to displace polluting fossil fuels with hydrogen (the “exhaust” is water) in truck fleets is the proverbial holy grail, offering a potential for 7 million tonnes of GHGs a year in Canada alone, but fraught with technology, systemic and even psychological barriers such as “range anxiety”. Enter Hydra and Simon. By pairing high volume, low cost hydrogen sourced from waste with return-to-base commercial fleets, the company’s disruptive “Hydrogen as a Service - HaaS™” model removes barriers for hydrogen adoption in transportation. Hydra retrofits existing vehicle fleets at no cost to the fleet operation in exchange for an exclusive hydrogen supply agreement, where hydrogen is sold below the market price of conventional diesel. Win-Win-Win

George Tsintzouras

President & CEO, Alert Labs

George has led the Alert Labs team to create a series of cool looking, smart sensors that use a cellular connection to provide real-time water use monitoring and early leak detection. Property owners and managers use a dashboard and app to gain insight into normal water usage and receive alerts for unusual activity that help prevent water waste and damage. The company has also developed other sensors that provide alerts for flooding, AC unit health, and rising sump pit water levels. So far, Alert Labs estimates the technology has identified and prevented the loss of 124 million litres of water and saved their customers hundreds of thousands of dollars - including one Ontario school board that saved over $50,000. The growing Kitchener-based company now numbers 30 employees and has product installed in 6 provinces and 7 states.