Jennifer Winter

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Scientific Director, Energy and Environmental Policy Research Division, The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Educating Canadians about the reality of the taxes they will need to pay on the emissions they create in the form of a carbon price is not to be left to the politicians. Using reasonable assumptions, Jennifer has calculated the impact on households in every province, helping us understand it’s not as bad as many feared. In fact, at the introductory price of $20 per tonne, the cost to the average Canadian household is $250-450 annually, and likely lower. Providing these figures to policy makers, to Canadians in over 100 media interviews and testifying before the Senate, Jennifer has enabled policy makers to work with reasonable facts in pursuit of meaningful action.

Nadine Gudz

Global Director, Sustainability, Interface Inc.

Few have been as diligent or as effective at espousing the value of a low carbon economy as Nadine has been over the past 10 years, making the argument in literally thousands of corporate presentations and on numerous panels, that there is a better way. Her most recent work for global sustainability leader Interface has been to develop a plan focused on running the business in a way that reverses global warming. The first mission, Mission Zero, focused on eliminating all negative environmental impacts by 2020 and this goes beyond to generate positive impacts and create a climate fit for life.

Shannon Harding

Director of Programs, Clean Foundation

It starts with puppet theatre presentations that have engaged over 50,000 elementary students, continues through age appropriate experiential learning for middle school students that reached 1237 students in its inaugural year of 2017-2018 and ends up with the successful launch of professional and post-graduate careers in the environmental sector for youth ages 15-30. Under Shannon’s leadership, Clean Foundation’s educational programming in Nova Scotia has been unified into a cohesive program that engages youth from Primary school all the way through to University, including placing over 180 students into environmental internships over the last two years. “Teaching the teacher”, she’s shared the program with over 170 colleagues from across Canada.

Christie Stephenson

Executive Director, Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics, UBC Sauder School of Business

Christie led the launch and development of a business school centre at UBC and led efforts that has exposed over two thousand current and future business leaders to concepts related to sustainable finance, and as a result, Christie’s work has raised the profile of sustainable finance within academia, the business community, and with the public. She co-developed and co-teaches a course of sustainable finance; has hosted events on sustainable finance for students, faculty, and university staff, the business and investor community, and the public; and raised these issues within the media as both an op ed writer and media commentator.