2013 - Primary Resources

Primary Resources

Judy Fairburn

Executive Vice-President, Environment & Strategic Planning, Cenovus Energy, Inc.

Judy’s strategic approach at Cenovus – integrating environment considerations fully within the business model—is advancing the way the oil sands industry addresses sustainability. She leads development of Cenovus’s strategic plan, which includes progressive strategies focused on environmental performance. Judy also helps catalyze industry-wide environmental innovation as chair of the Shareholder Steering Committee of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)


Commitments for 2013: In September 2012 at the Clean50 Summit, most attendees made public commitments for things they would do to "further sustainability" over the next 12 months. Fairburn's commitments were:

- I will sponsor on new sustainability initiative in my organization in the next months
- I will commit to collaborating with at least one other Clean50 member across disciplines
- I will work through my industry (or other sector) organization to share best practice and identify synergies
- I am going to lead by example

In Addition: Honourees identified good ideas they liked and would do their best to support. Fairburn's "Likes" were:

- I will initiate a dialogue in my organization on the value of green procurement
- I will mentor one (or more) person(s) building a career in sustainability
- I will communicate frequently and regularly to employers about our sustainability goals and metrics
- I will communicate on sustainability strategy to employees
- I will challenge my CEO to suggest to board that corporate sustainability measures/performances be part of my bonus/compensation and his/hers
- I will Encourage Clean50 to become an advocacy group to all levels of government re: energy
- I will convene power brokers (CEO , NGO , Unions Industry associations) by diversity / industry & then aggregate, educate, identify influencers, turn into advocates / leaders;
- I will be ready by investing heavily in R&D