2013 - Technology, Telecom & Media

Technology, Telecom & Media

Marcus Goodick

Senior Manager, Environment & Sustainability, Bell Aliant Regional Communications

Since 2007, Marcus has been instrumental in strengthening the environmental aspects of Bell Aliant’s corporate responsibility efforts. Under his leadership, the company’s environment and sustainability program has evolved from focusing primarily on risk management to a broader holistic approach that views environmental responsibility as good for business. Marcus has built a VP-level environment council with companywide representation. This group makes key decisions on environmental initiatives, notably establishing a goal to cut Bell Aliant’s carbon emissions to 50% of 2007 levels by 2020.


Commitments for 2013: In September 2012 at the Clean50 Summit, most attendees made public commitments for things they would do to "further sustainability" over the next 12 months. Goodick's commitments were:

- I will mentor one (or more) person(s) building a career in sustainability
- I will volunteer on the board of a sustainability-focused organization
- Educate/engage key decision-makers around the intrinsic value of the social and environmental legs of sustainable development
- I will mentor high potential to help them achieve their sustainable ambitions

In Addition: Honourees identified good ideas they liked and would do their best to support. Goodick's "Likes" were:

- I will help to promote the mission of the Clean50
- I will seek out and nominate new individuals deserving of the Clean50 award
- Demonstrate how clean-tech adoption = more cash!
- I will compare my organization’s metrics for meaningfulness and compare to industry peers and submit recommendation
- I will Found or join an organization that will help community groups and low-income families take advantage of energy programs, e g , help them read bills, make choices, get involved
- I will Advocate for the development of district energy, biofuel, waste-to-energy facilities in Canadian municipalities using Clean Tech
- I will Encourage Clean50 to become an advocacy group to all levels of government re: energy