2019 - Manufacturing & Transportation

Manufacturing & Transportation

Sarah Buckle

Director, Enterprise Risk and Sustainability, South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink)

Sarah is helping lead regional change through the development of TransLink’s Low Carbon Fleet Strategy – a roadmap for transitioning over 1,400 vehicles from fossil fuels to zero and low-carbon technologies starting in 2025 or earlier in support of reducing GHG emissions by 80% by 2050, and aligning with Vancouver’s commitment to fossil-fuel free buses by 2025. She leads TransLink’s participation in the Pan-Canadian Electric Bus Demonstration Trial – a $40M effort designed to bring manufacturers, and transit agencies together to standardize systems and infrastructure, and which will have 4 electric busses on Metro Vancouver’s streets in spring 2019, each estimated to save over $50,000 in fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by over 300,000 kg a year.