2015 - Angels: Investors & Eco System Support

Angels: Investors & Eco System Support

Tony Van Bommel

Senior Managing Partner, BDC Capital

Tony shapes BDC investment direction and has championed the Cleantech sector for 13 years. He oversees the $152M BDC Industrial, Clean and Energy Technology Venture Fund (ICE), the largest Canadian VC fund dedicated to Canadian cleantech, currently with 12 investments and over $70M invested. Since 2012, ICE has invested or reserved over $55 M in 14 transactions in 12 technology companies that employ over 700 employees and generate approximately $100M in revenues, including CoolEdge, CarbonCure, Solantro, Nexterra, Axine, Switch, General Fusion, Ranovus, Vizimax and Regen.

Learn more about Tony… http://www.bdc.ca/EN/bdc-capital/Pages/default.aspx