Top 15 Projects for 2015

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The Toronto Dominion Bank



Because of the leadership TD Bank Group has shown  in making the environment  “business as usual” over the past decade,  Canada’s Clean50 is thrilled to have TD’s support in recognizing outstanding projects from across Canada that innovate, inform and inspire.  TD’s own initiatives have included becoming the first North American-based carbon neutral bank; introducing bank branches designed to be  net zero energy;  establishing TD Forests, which aims to grow urban forests and green space and help protect critical forests; and  issuing a $500 million green bond, the first green bond to be issued by a commercial bank in Canada.

The Clean50 Top15 Projects are selected because they are innovative, they can inform – and they can inspire Canadians to do more.



At the Clean50 Summit on September 17th, The Clean50 Honouree’s choice for Top Project of the Year  was:

IMPACT! The Co-operators Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership

The People’s Choice for Top Project as voted on here was

SanEco Tec Ltd. – AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution Pilot Project



ATB Financial – Financial Legacy Fund – unique funding structure for Ducks Unlimited

Project Leads: Dave Mowat, Peggy Garritty, Stuart McKeller, Tim Gillespie, Kylana Rogers

Through a unique partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), ATB Financial is helping to restore and conserve Alberta wetlands through the ATB Land Legacy Fund

Through the GREEN AT WORK™ program, Cadillac Fairview has shown a commitment to sustainable development, and to environmental responsibility on a national level.

Thanks to a number of successful collaborative partnerships, CN is delivering an innovative workplace program that is focused on environmental education, action and stewardship throughout the company’s North American network.

IMPACT! The Co-operators Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership

Project Lead: Tom Ewart and Barbara Turley-McIntyre

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. But they can also be today’s leaders. Sometimes they just need a little support…

Ecotrust Canada believes there shouldn’t be anything fishy about eating seafood.  So they set out to build a series of links that connect the fish on your plate to the fish harvester who put it there.

Lakeridge Health / Ecosystem Energy: Deep Energy Retrofit

Project Lead: Kevin Empey and Neil Clarke (Lakeridge Health) and Guillaume Lavallée (Ecosystem)

29 Energy Conservation measures result in 20% energy saving – and $1.2 million cost reduction that can fund better health care outcomes

Two key alliances – with BC Hydro and Manitoba Hydro– have helped CN better understand energy usage and achieve significant reductions.  Underpinning the partnerships has been the creation of a strong conservation culture at CN through its EcoConnexions program, engaging CN railroaders in environmental action and stewardship.

Port Metro Vancouver’s EcoAction program offers discounted Harbour Due Rates to ocean-going vessels that implement emission reductions measures and environmental management best practices – one of the first such programs in the world. 

Sustainable Community Design at ‘Le Village en haut du Ruisseau’ subdivision

Project Lead: Charles Poirier (TriDev corp.) Daniel Savard (Government of New Brunswick)

Win- win-win!  The provincial government took a close look at how subdivisions were being built, and then built a better model!    

Pure Energies – Ontario’s first “free solar panels” offering for home owners (see NOTE)

Project Leads: Zbigniew Barwicz, Bernie Li, Chris Stern, Ryan McCalley

Over 1,000 Ontario homes with no-cost solar roofs –  feeding the grid!

Hoffmann-La Roche – Zero-Waste Decommissioning Project

Project Lead: Dan Leal (CSR Eco Solutions) Tanya Bendo (Roche Canada)

It would have been easier and less expensive for Roche Canada to simply throw away all of the unwanted furniture from an office relocation, but their dedication to reducing their environmental impact, led to the decision to not take any shortcuts.

Losing the Chlorine: The story of how a small town and some clean tech entrepreneurs are changing the world of water

Engaging the young – particularly those not exposed to a culture of environmental responsibility – is critical to filling the workplace with the right attitude towards sustainable development in 15 years time.

SolarShare’s Solar Bonds – Impact Investing for Clean Energy in Ontario

Project Lead: Mike Brigham (President) & Matt Zipchen (General Manager)

SolarShare is a renewable energy co-operative that builds commercial-scale solar energy projects so that its members can then invest in them. These innovative ‘Solar Bonds’ offer local and impactful investment opportunities to everyday Ontarians.

WWF & HP Living Planet @ Work (LP@W)- Spring Things Campaign:

Project Leads: Lloyd Bryant (Managing Director, HP Canada) David Miller (President & CEO, WWF Canada)

Employers seeking to engage their employees often look outside the box to do so.  The “Spring Things” Campaign offered 46 employers an opportunity to both engage their workforce in a variety of creative ways – and raise funds for WWF at the same time.   It worked!