Top 15 Projects for 2016

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The Toronto Dominion Bank



Because of the leadership TD Bank Group has shown  in making the environment  “business as usual” over the past decade,  Canada’s Clean50 is thrilled to have TD’s support in recognizing outstanding projects from across Canada that innovate, inform and inspire.  TD’s own initiatives have included becoming the first North American-based carbon neutral bank; introducing bank branches designed to be  net zero energy;  establishing TD Forests, which aims to grow urban forests and green space and help protect critical forests; and  issuing a $500 million green bond, the first green bond to be issued by a commercial bank in Canada.

The Clean50 Top15 Projects are selected because they are innovative, they can inform – and they can inspire Canadians to do more.




Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions: accessible research facility to test feedstock viability for conversion to clean energy

Project Leads: Dr. Eddy Isaacs, Dr. Surindar Singh and Dr. Duke du Plessis (Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions); Bud Latta, Dr. Christian Felske and Dr. Ibrahim Karidio (City of Edmonton)

Calstone: The Rainwater Harvesting Pond Project

Project Leads: Jim Ecclestone, Owner and President of Calstone

CivicAction: Race to Reduce

Project Lead: Linda Weichel

Fraser Basin Council & Plug In BC: Building Canada’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Network Through Collaboration

Project Leads: Charlotte Argue, Vanadis Oviedo, Jim Vanderwal, Denise Hoskins, Adriana Ruso and David Marshall

Global Vintners Inc.: Global Vintners & Enviro-Stewards Savings Based Resource Conservation Assessment

Project Leads: Sean O’Neill (Global Vintners Inc.), Daneen Skilling (Andrew Peller Ltd.), Bruce Taylor (Enviro-Stewards Inc.)

Minto Communities: Minto’s Path to Zero Energy

Project Leads: Derek Hickson, Manager Sustainable Development

Sustainable Canada Dialogues

Project Leads: Dr. Catherine Potvin, McGill University

TerraCycle Inc.: Cigarette Butt Recycling

Project Lead: Tom Szaky (CEO of TerraCycle)

Triovest Realty Advisors Inc.: Triovest’s Clear Sustainability Priorities Enable Real Results

Project Leads: Philippe Bernier, Irena Stankovic, Jim Wilson; Quinn & Partners (strategic support)

VeloMetro Mobility Inc.: Veemo – the service and the vehicle

Project Leads: Kody Baker, John Stonier, Jonathan Faille, Sean Boyd