2017 - Tech, Telecom & Media/Production

Tech, Telecom & Media/Production

Tyler Mifflin

Producer / Director / Host, The Water Brothers TV Series
The "Water Brothers": Alex and Tyler Mifflin

“Water Brothers”, Alex and Tyler have been creating award winning documentaries about our planet’s most precious resource, water, for the past 6 years, helping to educate and inspire hundreds of thousands of people in over 35 different countries to take steps toward living a more environmental friendly lifestyle. With titles like “Carpageddon” and “Reefer Madness”, twenty six episodes alert viewers to the dangers and solutions to huge challenges, from acidification to plastics, melting glaciers to dried up river beds, and poor water quality on reserves.  Incredible interactive digital media content & educational guides help teachers embed these programs into curricula across Canada, and the brothers make numerous in-person presentations to drive the message home.