2014 Advocacy Statement

By: Peter Toi

An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, our Premiers, Canadian business leaders, and all Canadians.


Leading climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that our climate is changing – and that most of the change is the result of human activity.

We have all witnessed the impact of climate change on Canada’s ecosystems, communities and businesses. This will only accelerate and amplify.

Addressing climate change head-on will not only restore our planet and improve our health, it will create new jobs for Canadians, new markets and opportunities for businesses to innovate and excel, in a global economy hungry for our expertise in clean technology and sustainability.

In advance of a federal election and the upcoming Premier’s conference on Climate Change, we, the undersigned members of Canada’s Clean50, call on all our political parties to speak with Canadians about the impacts of climate change, and engage business leaders and the public in collaborating to find solutions that provide investment certainty, innovation and jobs.

We believe that one solution is to develop a well thought out framework that includes setting a price on carbon at some specific date in the future, that would reduce other taxes, and provide an incentive for businesses and individuals to take steps to reduce their use of carbon.


Canadians: Ask your political representatives what they will do to address climate change. Let’s get moving on a real plan to keep our economy strong AND build a sustainable, prosperous future. Our politicians need to know: Climate action is a priority.