Reach Gavin Pitchford at Delta Management Group at +1 (416) 925-2005 ext 2300 or send us an email via the form below.

Our apologies! Until recently our website was unfortunately allowing people to enter information on the form below but not sending the messages anywhere – and also not retaining any of the contact names nor the email addresses of the senders. And now, we have discovered several hundred messages – but no way of knowing who most are from!  And so we still cannot respond. We’re so sorry!  Please try again – we promise to do better!

PLEASE NOTE: We promise! We have NOTHING to do with the solar panels on anyone’s roof that were installed by Pure Energies. That company won a Clean50 Award – and was then – we are told – sold to NRG in the USA. We understand no one is being paid at this point – but we are afraid we had nothing to do with either organization (or any of our other award winners) and so we cannot help. We recommend you contact the company that owns the assets: 437-218-4684. If that fails, try CANREA – the Canadian Renewable Energy Association – in Ottawa at 1-800-922-6932. Your other alternative, of course, would be to find a way to get paid directly by your LDC….   


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