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The hunt for 2025 Clean50 candidates is on!  Make a nomination before July 1st! (Project nominations by July 19th)

Who do you know, or know of, who deserves a Canada’s Clean50 Award? We’re always looking for the most impactful 50 individual leaders, 20 emerging leaders, 5 lifetime contributors and Canada’s 25 top sustainability projects, for work completed between January 2022 and March 31st 2024, and that have demonstrated measurable leadership in fighting climate change and helping Canada transition to a low-carbon economy.

We recognize individuals who play leadership roles – or thought-leadership roles – in any of 16 different categories that cover virtually any and all types of activity in Canada that touches climate in some way. Amongst the 16 categories, all guaranteed at least 2 spots on the final list, are virtually every type of industry and business activity, education, three levels of government, environmental advocacy groups and venture capitalists. And on top of that, climate-action-oriented projects that show at least one of our five “I”s: Showing Impact, demonstrating Innovation, are Informational or Inspirational – or which can be Imitated.

All of these 100 leaders in total will gather, with ~25 past honourees for the 14th Clean50 Summit on October 10th, during which time they will put their heads together to find opportunities to collaborate to accelerate climate solutions, and identify best practices – as well as be recognized by their peers for their accomplishments to date.

Sound like you? Sounds like someone – or a project – you know about? Tell us – click to nominate someone you know!    

Feel like we left someone off the 2024 list? This is your chance to tell us about them! The short nomination form takes 30 seconds to complete, and functions year round. 

Nominees entered before Canada Day will be asked to respond to their nomination for consideration for the 2025 Canada’s Clean50 Awards, to be announced on October 10th, 2024, by July 12th. Project nominations are open until midnight EDT on July 19th and responses due by 5 PM EDT July 26th.

The Clean50 Individual awards are selected from 16 diverse categories that transcend industries, academia, different levels of government, thought leaders and advocates, and are based on accomplishments delivered over the prior two years.

The leader in each of the 16 categories is also declared to be part of the Clean16, depicting those 16 Honourees as the top contributor in their respective categories.

The Clean50 Emerging Leaders are selected from amongst those under age 35 whose contribution is outsized compared to their age, and otherwise based on essentially the same criteria as the Individual Clean50 awards.

The Clean50 Lifetime Achievement award is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated leadership in sustainability over the course of their entire career.

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Top Projects

The Clean50 Top Projects annually recognize those projects completed in the prior two years based on their innovation, their ability to inform, and inspire other Canadians. The Top Project of the year is then selected each year at the Clean50 Summit, from votes cast by both incoming and Alumni members of the Clean50.

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