“One word: Plastics.”

From the stone age to bronze to iron, we are now in the age of plastics. While there are plenty of good uses for these flexible, light-weight, cheap, and varied materials, there is a massive problem from their overuse.

Making Periods Greener

Each year, the average menstruating person uses and disposes of 300-425 disposable pads and/or tampons and one silicone DivaCup can replace a year’s worth of disposable products per person.

2020 Clean50 Summit Statement

Last Thursday, on October 3rd, 120 business, academic, and environmental leaders from across Canada, gathered in Toronto for the 9th annual Clean50 Summit, discussing a wide range of climate solutions. Climate Policy Discussions: About 20% of the Clean50…

Canada Votes 2019

“We believe the emerging low carbon economy presents tremendous economic opportunities for Canada, as we address the climate challenge. The Green, Liberal and NDP climate action plans clearly reflect that reality. 18-25 year olds will make up the…

2019 Earth Day Open Letter

Earth Day, April 22, 2019 AN OPEN LETTER to OUR FELLOW CANADIANS We, past and present Canada’s Clean50 Award winners, represent a wide cross section of Canadians from business, science, government and academia. We are very concerned that…