2013 - Financial Services

Financial Services

Barbara Turley-McIntyre

Director, Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship, The Co-operators Group Limited

Barbara is responsible for embedding sustainability at The Co-operators. The co-operative insurer has committed to reducing its carbon emissions 50% by 2014, and to zero by 2020. By creating products and services to meet emerging risks associated with climate change, engaging stakeholders and equipping student leaders to be champions of sustainability, this focus has driven innovation.

Since taking on the portfolio in 2007, Barbara helped the The Co-operators get onto the list, then sit in the top three on Corporate Knights’ “50 Best Corporate Citizens” list since 2010


Commitments for 2013: In September 2012 at the Clean50 Summit, most attendees made public commitments for things they would do to "further sustainability" over the next 12 months. Turley-McIntyre's commitments were:

- I will commit to peer (Clean50) mentoring and support
- I will seek out and nominate new individuals deserving of the Clean50 award
- I will attend a Clean50 event hosted by someone else
- Develop sustainability screen and integrate with financial analysis process

In Addition: Honourees identified good ideas they liked and would do their best to support. Turley-McIntyre's "Likes" were:

- To foster X-Clean50 collaboration, I commit to creating a list of both my: 1). expertise and 2) areas where I could use help, and post both to the Clean50 Linked In Group
- I will build sustainable innovation partnership
- I will work through my industry (or other sector) organization to share best practice and identify synergies
- I will benchmark my performance against stakeholder expectations and relevant standards
- I will volunteer on the board of a sustainability-focused organization
- Advance urban renewal as an opportunity for Canadian Clean-tech adoption
- I will challenge human resources to embed sustainability in recruiting process