Clean50@Globe Reception Photos – and The Vancouver Conspiracy

By: Abbey Sciannella

So for years – decades even – Vancouver has fostered an image of dreary gray weather that requires raincoats and umbrellas 365 days a year. When Gavin commented to a Vancouverite that, as of 2024, he had now been to Vancouver for GLOBE 8 times, in February, March and April, and had consistently 90-100% sunny days, beautiful sunsets and unseasonably warm weather, the woman, born in Vancouver 40 plus years ago, tearfully broke down and finally admitted she just couldn’t be part of the conspiracy any more, disclosing that Vancouver had been spreading fake weather news for years, all in an effort to keep Canadians from discovering the real truth, moving to the city, and driving housing prices still higher.

This year, the weather from Sunday February 11 through Friday February 16th featured a few showers on Sunday – followed by 5 days of sun and mid-teens temps and nary a rain cloud.

The Clean50 has now hosted 5 receptions on the 745 Thurlow rooftop event space – and every single one has started with people outside enjoying nibbles – and the sunset! This year was no different – and so it’s time for the conspiracy to be exposed for the misinformation it is! When confronted on the issue, former mayor Gregor Robertson smiled and quickly changed the subject.

Beyond his non-denial, the proof is laid out below – and then scroll down to see the real stars of the event – numerous Clean50 members reconnecting.

A genuine Emissions Cap! Thanks to Trottier Foundation’s Eric St. Clair and Environmental Defense’s Alex Cool-Fergus, we had a few to share!
Two-time Clean50 Honouree Marlo Raynolds FINALLY made a Clean50 event in person! And our Executive Director Gavin Pitchford was really pleased to see him!
Shortly after the doors opened, and already in full swing, climate warriors and two of the people most responsible for climate action in Canada, former PMO staffer and climate lead Sarah Goodman, and former Chief of Staff to both Catherine McKenna and Jonathan Wilkinson, Marlo Raynolds, reconnect at far left – as others mingled
Last year’s Clean50 Summit, sadly, was just one honouree short of perfect attendance with 74 of 75 individual honourees on hand for an epic day, as Jane MacDonald chose not to inflict Covid on the rest of us – we’re so pleased she could finally collect her plaque and the applause that came with it!
The reason many were in Vancouver was GLOBE – and who better to celebrate at our gathering than the man who over 36 years ago created the event that soared to international prominence as the world’s first and long the leading sustainability focused conference in the world, Dr. John Wiebe! Honoured in the first Clean50 cohort, John has long supported the Clean50 mission and welcomed us to exhibit free at GLOBE for many years – something that was critical to raising awareness of the Clean50 Award program. Thank you, John!
Few politicians in Canada have been as steadfast in their support of the environment and climate action – or as impactful – as Joyce Murray. Off the top we can’t think of one! Before entering politics, Joyce and her husband Dirk (over her raised arm) started a tree planting company to support reforestation, and Joyce herself has planted over a million trees. The organization has since planted billions, and Joyce first pushed Gordon Campbell’s government towards a more sustainable future in 2000 as she became BC’s Minister of all things environment, before running federally and once in government, pushing the Trudeau government the same way. As she played a leading role in Treasury, she helped push the civil service to adopt responsible procurement policies that made a significant difference. She’s recently announced her intended retirement from federal politics and stepped down as Fisheries & Oceans minister at the same time. Thank you Joyce, for 24 years of extraordinary leadership!
Our “hosts” – Mike Gerbis (left) CEO of Profoundry, of which GLOBE is a part, and Quadreal’s SVP Sustainability (and other things), Jamie Gray-Donald catch up mid-party.
Three emerging leaders + one fully emerged! From left, Clean50’s first full time employee (other than Gavin who works “part time” on the Clean50 – often for 40 hours a week!) Abbey Sciannella, three time Clean50 Honouree and past Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Clean50 Emerging Leader Rashmi Prackash, CEO of Aruna Revolution Health, and Clean16 Chloe Dubois, ED of Ocean Legacy enjoyed a great conversation.
At this point, the bar was closed and the party had been officially “over” for over 30 minutes… It’s clear people didn’t want to leave!
Time spent catching up with Lululemon SVP Esther Speck is always a joy…