2013 - Clean Technology

Clean Technology

Eric Murray

CEO, Tantalus

There are many ways to make our use of electricity more sustainable: increase renewable generation, intelligently manage demand instead of firing up additional generators, or alternatively simply reduce our use and demand where possible. Each of these solutions require a much smarter grid and Tantalus, led by Eric, provides the hardware and software solutions to enable one.  Deployment of TUNet (Tantalus Utility Network) smart metering/grid solutions  has proven effective in motivating consumers to cut back energy use by 10% and electrical heating use by 18% while simultaneously allowing utilities to manage resources more effectively in real time and driving down operational costs.  Through Eric’s work in helping grow the organization, form industry partnerships and build strategic relationships with utilities across North America, he has continued to demonstrate the value of the CleanTech sector in ensuring sustainability in Canada’s future.


Commitments for 2013: In September 2012 at the Clean50 Summit, most attendees made public commitments for things they would do to "further sustainability" over the next 12 months. Murray's commitments were:

- I will educate my industry colleagues of the benefits of sustainability(dozens!)
- I will continue to build my own capacity as a sustainability practitioner
- I will Support sensibly designed incentives for renewable energy and report back to Clean50 what I've done
- I will Participate in the vetting and writing of standout case studies re: end-user successes in energy

In Addition: Honourees identified good ideas they liked and would do their best to support. Murray's "Likes" were:

- I will seek out and nominate new individuals deserving of the Clean50 award
- To foster X-Clean50 collaboration, I commit to creating a list of both my: 1). expertise and 2) areas where I could use help, and post both to the Clean50 Linked In Group
- I will attend three high school science classes to present a crash course on sustainability
- I will raise sustainability during a dinner party, hockey game, checkout line, etc
- I will champion employees in my organization and family, friends to challenge my MP on how they are measuring and improving sustainability
- I will Be part of an advocacy group to promote demonstration sites of Canadian fuel cells for auto recharging and distributed generation