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Apoorv Sinha

CEO, Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc

As global urbanization occurs, an enormous amount of concrete is needed each year. Cement production for concrete produces a 1-to-1 amount of CO2 emissions due to limestone breakdown, accounting for 8% of global CO2 emissions!
Recognizing the impact and the opportunity, Apoorv, a 2017 Clean50 Emerging Leader turned XPrize finalist for carbon removal, focused his research and talents on finding a solution – and developing a pozzolanic additive that can provide cement-like properties from CO2, reducing concrete’s cement requirement –and therefore, CO2 emissions – by 25%, while still exceeding the industry’s durability standards by 40%. Talk about concrete results!
Transitioning from lab to scale production is another level of innovation though. Tackling challenges that are tough for much bigger and better funded companies with a small team, Apoorv scaled production by a whopping 10 million times, and as a result, established MOUs with 3 of the world’s largest concrete manufacturers including Holcim, while proving himself an atypical CEO, mastering duties like welding, grinding, installation and reactor operation.