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Apoorv Sinha

Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Since receiving the Clean50 Emerging Leader award 2 years ago, Apoorv and Carbon Upcycling have not slowed down. Decarbonizing Alberta’s built environment has stood as a pilot of what is achievable by the company’s unique patented technology, as Carbon Upcycling has done just that: upcycling industrial byproducts and sequestering CO2 emissions into low-carbon cement replacements.

A partnership with BURNCO in Alberta produced three significant outcomes: Over 2,100 tonnes of landfilled ash reclaimed and 42 tCO2 sequestered, with the resulting material deployed across Calgary’s infrastructure to abate ~882 tCO2 of cement-related emissions. The company is now developing the world’s first fully industrial-scale carbon capture and utilization deployments at cement plants in North America and Europe.