Renewable Energy
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Brian Roth, P.Eng., MBA, CPA

CEO, Three Sixty Solar Ltd.

Brian has shown that the idiom ‘tilting at windmills’ is a good thing – if you make them solar panels! The “Solar Tower” is a vertical infrastructure that allows solar panels to be stacked, using up to 90% less space than traditional ground-mount solar. When it comes to vertical solar solutions, “the sky is the limit”. Not confined to vast, open spaces or limited by the high cost of land, this technology allows solar to soar into previously unfeasible areas, such as urban settings or agriculture. In the past 18 months Brian led the world’s first demonstration of the Solar Tower in Kelowna, BC, delivering consistent performance across all Canadian seasons with a capacity of 250 kWp, and the company achieved another milestone: Three Sixty Solar went public, raising more than $5M to support the commercialization of this exciting new solar technology.