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Bruce Taylor, P. Eng

President, Enviro-Stewards Inc.

We can simply no longer afford to waste a third of our food. Yes, it grows on trees, but if food waste were a country, it would be the 3rd largest GHG emitter on the planet and the second-largest consumer of freshwater, not to mention the $990 billion in lost revenues annually. Over the past two years, Bruce has focused on addressing food waste by Canada’s largest food producers, helping 50 companies avoid losing 9.3 million kg of food per year. And most notably, Bruce and his team helped make one of the world’s largest global food companies carbon neutral. They accomplished this by identifying practical, affordable measures to reduce water and energy consumption, and eliminate product losses, cutting emissions and increasing profit margins at 35 different Maple Leaf Foods’ production facilities.

Beyond this, Bruce’s company has achieved B Corp status and reduced its GHG footprint by 78% per employee since 2008. Cumulatively since their 2000 inception, Enviro-Stewards engineering projects have saved facilities $135 million, 101 million m3 of natural gas, 150 million kWh of electricity, 21 million m3 of water, and 245,000 tonnes of GHG emissions. And they’ve won 9 different Clean50 Top Project Awards – including adding one more this year.