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Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor, P.Eng, President, Enviro-Stewards Inc., Enviro-Stewards

Bruce founded Enviro-Stewards, which in 2014 was recognized by B lab as one of the “best companies for the world” due to its’ overall impact.   A third party assessment of 27 projects completed by the company under an On-Site Technical Assistance Program found that 90% of facilities intend to implement all or most of Enviro-Stewards’ recommendations, which will collectively save the facilities $5.8 million per year with 100% ROI and avoid 462 tonnes of toxics, 1,984 tonnes of hazardous waste, 685,000 m3/yr of water, 4,600,000 m3 of natural gas, 9,300 mWh of electricity, and 10,700 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. These projects injected much needed net revenue into facilities to improve their economic competitiveness while substantially reducing their footprints.

Learn more about Bruce…  www.enviro-stewards.com