Angels: Investors & Eco System Support

Bryan Watson

Managing Director, CleanTech North

Access to capital and other resources is one of the perennial problems that cleantech companies have faced since the category of company was first identified. 10 years ago Bryan founded CTN to tackle that problem, and has since hosted hundreds of monthly meetings for stakeholders, and featured early stage clean tech founders pitch potential investors. Those 100+ showcased companies today employ at least 825 people in Ontario, have cumulatively raised over $196 million in venture capital and celebrated 6 successful exits (acquired/IPO). During the most recent two year period, CTN showcased 34 companies to investors which have, to date, raised over $8 million in additional capital with more anticipated. An article written by Bryan was critical to helping Canada’s clean tech community get processing of outstanding SRED claims as COVID imposed delays. He also serves as a director of the Ontario Clean Tech Industry Association (OCTIA).