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C Wade Sheen

CEO, Cooledge Lighting

Cooledge is disrupting the 135 year old electric lighting industry with the world’s first sustainable high-efficiency lighting system.  Made from feedstocks from the current recyclable materials stream, Cooledge’s thin, flexible, efficient lighting systems are revolutionizing the way light is merged with architecture, using products that can be fully recycled at the end of their useful lighting lifecycle.  Being twice as efficient as current fluorescent lighting systems used in retail, industrial, institutional and office environments, Cooledge’s LED based lighting systems can reduce the world’s electrical consumption for lighting by 50%, resulting in a corresponding reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

From building the technical team and making significant contributions to the early designs and technology, through building a global sales and distribution network, Wade continues to lead the company in industry leading growth.

Learn more about Wade…www.cooledgelighting.com