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Chloe Dubois, MaIS

Co-founder and Executive Director, Ocean Legacy Foundation

Chloé co-founded Ocean Legacy and the EPIC program – a proven four-pillar approach to plastic pollution cleanup which integrates Education, Policy, Infrastructure development and Cleanup to deliver EPIC results: The first and largest scale Plastic Pollution Emergency Response Facility in Canada; fusing the blue and circular economies together by not only spearheading industrially-scaled cleanup and restoration activities but forging them with new plastic processing and management techniques to recycle over 2 million pounds of material collected from over 1,500 km of ocean and shoreline. These efforts have launched Ocean Legacy as an international leader in plastic pollution reduction, collection and processing, showcasing successful methods in stimulating the plastic circular economy across 7 formal depots. The program also provides a prolific online education academy in three languages, whilst has created over 900 meaningful employment opportunities, and has spread to Costa Rica, Antarctica, Mexico, Panama, USA, South Korea, and Guatemala.