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Chris Kallal, RPF

Founder & CEO, Wild + Pine

11 years ago, Chris founded Wild + Pine in his second year at the university of Alberta. Since then, he has seen his business evolve into an emerging leader in Canadian climate action – developing verified nature-based carbon removal projects through restoring Canada’s forests. However, Wild + Pine does not simply ‘plant trees’, as their ground-breaking technology optimizes the growth of tree seedlings in their 100% artificial vertical greenhouse. This technology allows seedlings to grow within a controlled environment, generating 3x the product per square foot, while using 80% less water compared to conventional growing methods. Chris isn’t letting his own his company slip under the radar either – in 2021 they became Edmonton’s 8th Certified B Corporation and in 2021 they offset 100% of their GHG emissions, with plans to become a net zero business by 2030.