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Curtis Berlinguette, Ph.D

CEO & Co-Founder, Miru Smart Technologies Corp.

Electrochromic windows – or eWindows – use very low electric voltage (1 W / square metre) to activate a specialty laminated glass. This low voltage transitions the glass between clear and tinted states, preventing heat from entering in summer or escaping in the winter. If window manufacturers converted their “regular” high efficiency windows to eWindows, the technology could improve its energy performance by as much as 50%.

Traditional eWindows require expensive, energy-intensive production processes. Curtis has leveraged his research from UBC to develop and patent a ground-breaking manufacturing process that produces eWindows at room temperature with no need for massive energy consumption. Miru products are designed to easily integrate into existing glass production lines. This innovative breakthrough enables eWindow manufacturing to be more energy efficient, with an 85% reduction in embodied carbon per frame, at a cost 40% lower than traditional eWindows. Miru offers an affordable environmental solution to meet rapidly changing net-zero building code requirements. That’s a pretty nice view!