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Daryl Wilson

Executive Director, The Hydrogen Council

Daryl has had a 38 year career in environmental innovation, spent with DOFASCO, TOYOTA, ZENON Environmental, RGTL and most recently Hydrogenics.  At each of these organizations Daryl led with innovative first-of-a-kind change initiatives.  Some examples include a Silver Award in Public Sustainability reporting at DOFASCO, a 100% water recycling program at TOYOTA, a 300% scale up in operations for innovative water treatment technology at ZENON, and the world’s largest new electrolysis project and the world’s first hydrogen powered public train service with Hydrogenics.

Under Daryl’s leadership, the team at Hydrogenics developed and deployed the world’s most energy dense electrolysis technology with the first application for grid balancing and energy storage at the Markham facilities of Enbridge Gas Distribution.

The success of that 2.5MW project encouraged Air Liquide to purchase the world’s largest PEM electrolysis plant (at 20MW) for an application in Becancour Quebec.  On an annual basis, this carbon free production approach mitigates 27,000 tons of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of 10,000 cars per year.

The team at Hydrogenics delivered four operating fuel cell motive power units to Alstom Transport for operation in public service in Germany with the Deutsche Bahn railway.  The Coradia Lint train is the first of its kind in the world.  Zero emission public transport can now be delivered more cost effectively than the traditional overhead catenary electric approach as the hydrogen fuel cell approach eliminates the need for overhead electrical infrastructure.  Renewal power sources can be directly coupled to the generation of green hydrogen as a fuel for the trains.

Daryl recently joined  The Hydrogen Council, a world-wide body, as Executive Director.