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David Luba

Co-founder, tentree

When you start a company for environmental reasons it bleeds into everything you do. And if you want to plant a billion trees by 2030, what’s the best way to do that?
Well, according to David and his partners, you start a clothing company. And then every time you sell a pair of socks, pants or a T shirt, you plant trees. Lots of trees.
Because of their focus on the environment, sustainability is at the foundation of the Tentree organization, and it’s evident in everything they do. As a result, Tentree is currently a top 10% B-Corp globally, 100% carbon neutral across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, and has planted 60+million trees in less than ten years (~31 million trees since Jan 1, 2019). David also implemented internal carbon taxes to encourage sustainable procurement, uses >99% sustainable / preferred materials, and has an internal goal of making 100% of their products part of the circular economy by 2025. Beyond this, David and his team are improving their transparency with their consumers by developing the world’s first ground-level verification system for global reforestation projects – veritree.