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Debbie Baxter

Chief Sustainability Officer, LoyaltyOne

In three years as CSO, Debbie has successfully integrated sustainability into LoyaltyOne’s core business priorities, spearheading a shift in corporate culture, enabling associates to live sustainable lives both at work and at home, and establishing LoyaltyOne as an environmental leader.  She launched one of Canada’s largest solar rooftop panel installations, achieved a 45% carbon reduction from 2010 to 2011, and helped LoyaltyOne win multiple awards, including Canada’s 50 Best Employers and Greenest Employers.

Under Debbie’s leadership, the company has subsidized transit passes, a sustainable fleet of cars, and AutoShare and BIXI memberships to encourage employees to reduce their environmental footprint. Moving forward, Debbie’s next big sustainability challenge is to expand LoyaltyOne’s “green” education to international offices and facilitate volunteer opportunities with environmental organizations.